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Commonly Asked Questions

In the past 20 years, people were always thought that China’s labor is cheaper, so the products made in China are cheaper, but at the same time the quality is lower. Is this really the case? Let’s discuss this by different aspect.


  • Raw material cost

The raw materials for luminaire manufacturing are generally divided into metal (aluminum, copper, iron), glass, wood, plastic and packaging paper etc.

In view of the global supply chain era, industrial raw materials are no longer only produced locally. In China we may also buy Australian iron ore, Southeast Asian pulp, oil from Russia or OPEC countries.

At this point, material cost in China and European countries are not very different.

  • Labor costs

China’s luminaire manufacturing for pasted 15 years has great cost advantage because at that time China’s labor costs are only one-tenth or even lower in European countries (such as Germany, Switzerland).

In recently years, China’s labor costs have also risen steadily. By 2019, China’s labor cost is about USD650 per month, while Western European countries are about USD4300 per month. It’s obvious that China’s labor cost is still better than that of developed countries in Europe.

So even after China’s labor costs have been greatly increased today, China’s costs are still more advantageous.

  • Environmental cost

Developed countries in Europe have relatively better environmental protection laws and stricter enforcement systems, which makes the cost of other aspects in addition to labor costs higher than in China.


  • Processing methods

Processing ways are usually incl. mechanical processing (such as die casting, spinning, stamping, cutting) and manual assembly. At present, China’s machine processing is mainly semi-automatic,  workers will control machines to manufacture products.

After that the products will be surface-treated by spraying or plating, and then assembled on the assembly line of the factory.

In Europe, due to the high labor costs, people will try to reduce manual operations and increase the production of machines. And some European brand manufacturers will choose to buy semi-finished products from China and transport to the local plant before assembling them into finished products. This will greatly help them to lower the cost of products.

  • Technology level

In the lighting industry, China’s production technology level has reached the level equivalent to that of Europe. Besides LED chips most of the production of lighting products do not always require high-end production.

At present, China’s manufacturing industry has more than 20 years of experience. The process machine such as CNC tools are generally same level as European manufacturers, and more advanced machines such as 3D printing are also widely used in China. So the quality of the products they produce is also comparable.

  • Quality Control

At present, many factories in China already introduce some management and quality control systems, such as 5S, 6S, ISO90001, etc.

The quality qualification rate of Chinese manufacturing products has increased year by year, reaching 93.8% in 2018, which means that when you buy products from Chinese factories, The high probability that the product you get is reliable.

Europe has a longer history of manufacturing development, and the overall quality level will be higher. But suppose 93.8% compare to 96% , you need to buy it for 2 times price or even more. How do you choose?

  • Worker quality

By 2018, the proportion of Chinese people aged 25-64 who have received higher education is 17%, while in Europe, such as Germany and France, the proportion has reached 27% and 32%, while in Finland it is as high as 42%.

However, the manufacturing industry does not all need highly educated talents. By contraries, it needs more professional and technical workers.

China’s vocational and technical education is very successful. It has achieved more than 55% of vocational and technical education.

Maybe China worker not better than Europern ones but they will be the best cost-effective choice.

3.Design level

The level of design in Europe is currently certainly higher than the level of design in China.

As we all know,German products are well-known in the world for their excellent design, technical specifications, first-class quality and after-sales service.

Italy’s product design has enjoyed the world’s first reputation. Italians are happy to apply new technologies, new materials, accept new colors, new forms and new aesthetics, and pursue new trends.

At the beginning, China mainly made OEM products. But it achieved a lot of design progress in recent years. The factory’s production has transitioned from pure OEM to ODM and independent design.


In summary, if you are not looking for luxury goods, then buying a Chinese-made lighting product can be a very sensible choice.

There are many good quality factories in China that need you to make the selection.

In general, what you are looking for is a good quality, and long-term cooperation partner which share similar values with you and help you to win the market and profits.

At one time China was considered the main manufacturing nation in the world. Nowadays there are a number of countries competing for that title.

India is one of those countries that are starting to position themselves as a major competitor to China in the led lighting manufacturing industry.

However, there are some points that you should consider when thinking about whether you choose commercial light manufacturers in China or lighting manufacturers in India.

  1. Product quality & Price  

The quality of Chinese manufacturing is much better when the products at the same price level.

Chinese led lighting products has good stuff and maybe also bad stuff, it depends on how much you pay for it. The price can be huge different for different quality things.

Indian manufacturers usually lack innovation and are reluctant to meet the needs of high-end groups.

All top companies, be it PHILIP, OSRAM, SHARP etc. use Chinese parts. If Chinese products were only cheap and bad these companies would NOT be using them.

And for Yufeng lighting product we stick to the high end commercial light market and never sacrifice quality to get low price.

So if you are looking for the high quality led commercial light product Chinese should be your first choice. And if you only aim at a lowest price for the price-sensitive market, you can both check the Chinese or India factory at the low end.

  1. Infrastructure

Infrastructure & Transportation play the most important role for products to have a better availability in the market.

Take the most basic “three links and one leveling” (water, electric, road and site leveling). India’s roads are not high, railway capacity is limited and speed is not fast, airport construction is difficult to meet demand, and the port blocking is serious.

However,China is far ahead in this respect.

China’s highways run through the country, and the length of high-speed railways is the NO.1 in the world.

You can freely choose high-speed rail or aviation for transportation between  different cities.

Not to mention the excellent deep water ports from south to north and the fast and efficient shipping.

All this will effect the time and cost that your goods ship from factory to your country and the answer is clearly.

  1. Supply chain

With regards to led lighting manufacturers in China, there is a complete led lighting industry supply chain which includes all components such as aluminium material,painting,cord,heat sink, led chips and drivers. All these parts are made in close proximity to the factory that is manufacturing your lights.

That means that there will be no delays waiting for parts, especially if there are parts missing. Also if an order of parts is delayed then for the manufacturers in China it’s very easy to find another company to get those parts from.

In India their led lighting manufacturing industry is relatively new and as a result, there isn’t a complete supply chain within the country.

This does affect the delivery times for lighting manufacturers in India, which can often be delayed from a single month to six months. If you’re working to a tight schedule then you can’t afford any delays.

  1. R&D and technical support

China has a long history and experience in manufacturing lighting products, and there are advantages in technology and product development that cannot be pursued.

Whether you are looking for downlight, flood light, panel light, ceiling light or track lights, you can easily find a reliable supplier.

As long as it is a reasonable manufacture request, the factory can generally meet, such as long life span, no flicker, elegant appearance or prefect craftsmanship.They can also provide usefull suggestion for you to improve the products.

And some higher-end requirements such as smart control, full spectrum , cloud technology etc are already full application in China.

At present, India only temporarily stays in the manufacture of some low-end LED products such as light bulbs, simple downlights and light strips.

Because the products produced in India need to compete with the local ultra-low price opponents, it is difficult to guarantee the development , because R&D needs to be invested, and low-margin products are difficult to support R&D cost.

From all the above we can see in the future lighting manufacturers in India may develop a strong industry but for now and the foreseeable future China is the best choice for your umbrella manufacturing needs.

More people are looking to ditch the traditional incandescent and fluorescent light sources in favor of more environment friendly and energy conserving LED lights.

China has dominated as the main source of commercial LED light products with several dominant big companies as well as small and medium companies manufacturing.

Many businesses seeking reliable LED light suppliers often overlook small and medium manufacturers settling for already established and renown companies to source their products from.

Unknown to many, some small commercial LED factories in China are offering good quality products that rival those from big manufacturers with way better rates and far better reliability.

We will dissect the benefits and downsides of getting supplies from both small manufacturers and the big dominant companies here.

Advantages of sourcing from big commercial LED manufacturers.

  • Wide variety of LED lighting products to choose from.

From led downlights,led flood light, to application Specific LEDs, LED panel lights, LED Street lights etc, big factories have a big collection of LED products to cater for a wide range of customers.

  • High production output.

Big manufactures have the production potential to produce massive amounts of units every day. They have the machinery and workforce to satisfy huge daily demands and they can take in way more big customer orders.

Disadvantages of big commercial light manufactures.

  • Lack of personalized customer care & support.

Large scale commercial LED lighting manufacturers often exhibit more bureaucracy and slower service delivery owing to many existing rules and regulations that come with big factory management systems and procedures.

Massive amount of customers often stretches the available support staff and often, clients never get the feel of dedicated support service from large scale manufacturer. The queue of customers might be overwhelming and this could lead to poor customer support.

Non-Competitive (high) product prices.

Large scale manufacturers rely on more production and support staff which translates to more wages. An increase in the cost of production might mean an increase in the unit price for products.

Advantages of sourcing from small/medium commercial LED manufacturers.

  • Direct /personalized relationship between producer & customer.  

Customers report better service delivery from the procurement stage to the shipping and delivery stage when dealing with upcoming small and medium scale manufacturers. The support staff is not stretched and this means better and personal support for the clients.

  • Better product prices / good bargains.

Small factories run with much less budgets due to minimal factory maintenance costs and less wage bills. This means they can offer their products at relatively cheaper unit prices compared to large scale manufacturers.  Customers looking for LED lighting products enjoy better bargains.

  • Faster product delivery time.

Small scale factories have less big customers to satisfy and their service delivery chain usually provides faster response time. They are able to treat individual customer demands better and provide far more efficient customer service delivery. Urgent orders are met with more ease while maintaining the product quality.

  • Closer Supervision / better production quality.

Unique customer expectations are met easily when the scale of production is not overwhelming. Small manufacturers are able to listen to the details of specifications the customer wants are able to give better quality products that meet the exact client demands.

While big manufacturers offer more varied products for customers selling more than one type of LED light product, the shortfalls associated with sourcing with them are substantial and could mean the customer satisfaction is poor.

Delays associated with a large customer base and lack of a personal touch with clients is a great inconvenience.


If you have the stable huge demand for LED lighting prouducts you definitely should reach the big factory . Just let them to produce for you and enjoy the VIP service.

But if you have less orders or have special requirement for products you are better of contacting small scale manufacturing factories as the advantages of dealing with suppliers who offer a personal touch and dedicated support outweigh the disadvantages.

Small scale production ensures that the production quality is top notch while the product prices are far better. Due to a small amounts of orders, small factories offer very short delivery time. Customers also enjoy personal relationships with the supplier and they can track the production process of their goods at every stage.

If you are looking to ship a limited scope of LED lighting products, then pick a reliable small scale manufacturer. It is less hustle and as a customer you feel more in control over the production of your goods.

Are you looking for an LED lighting company that adheres to the specific needs of the customers? With Yufeng Lighting Limited, you are in the right place.

Here are some of the major aspects that make Yufeng LED lighting company to stand out in an industry that has thousands of other commercial LED manufacturers.

1. Quality & Inspection

From income material to final product inspection the full procedure will be strictly carry out by our experienced QC staff.

Before the mass production , we will produce a sample for the client to approve. Only after the confirml of the sample will we go into production and make sure the product is 100% same as sample. Any changed must be informed to customer immediately.

We usually apply AQL 1.0/2.5 for inspection which means we look at the quality of our lighting products in the smallest details.

Your money is safe because we will 100% responsible for what we ship in case any bad quality or delay.

This explains why there is a high number of return and referral customers. Without high standards, it would be difficult for any company to get return buyers or even referrals.

2. Elegant Design

Our strong R&D department support us to creat the unique design of LED commercial lighting products to meet the needs of the customers.

In order to  catch up the trend of led commercial lighting we frequently to brain storm and share idea with our closely customer. 3D prototype will be provided to help you test the market before making any business decesion.

If you have high requirement for product appearance design then our OEM &ODM project may suitable for you.

3. Experienced Workers

Currently, Yufeng Lighting Limited has more than 100 experienced employees who are highly dedicated to offering professional services to the customers. Most of the employees have the necessary skills to come up with attractive designs and efficient LED products.

All the workers are trained, skilled, and passionate about their roles in the organization. Some of them are even worked since the company begin.

4. Professional sales team

Our sales team always consider the customers needs at first. We believe that customers success is our success.We make money only because our customer have profit.

When the customer interest and factory interest are contradictory, protecting the interests of customers is the top priority. And our sales team all know that.

During order processing you will also be able to get regular updates on your order so you can rest assured that your order production are on schedule.

5. Product Pricing

We maybe not the cheapest factory in China as you can always find the cheaper on the market but we understand what’s your most concern and we think we share the same target that is to make your customer satisfied. Some times price is only part of “cost”.

But we do purchase the material directly from the big factory with first hand price and we have a smooth factory management resulting in the lower cost.  We hope our customer can benefit from this so we keep the price in reasonable level with premium quality

These are some of the reasons why Yufeng Lighting is the best commercial LED lighting manufacturer. We strongly recommand you to visit us or ask for a sample from us before you make any decison.You should make the most rational choice in the most rational situation, not just listen to our words. There is a famous saying: don’t look at what he says, but on how he do it.

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