18 suggestions from lighting engineers for architectural lighting design 

Lighting design is an important part of architecture and decoration design, and it is also an important method to add “color” to the building.

The most important task of architectural lighting design is to modify and beautify the building with the clever movement of light and shadow according to the needs of consumers, creating a beautiful and comfortable visual environment for people.

Below are the 18 suggestions from lighting engineers for architectural lighting design:

  1. In architectural lighting, artificial lighting is as important as daylight.
  2. Daylight can be supplemented by artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can not only supplement the deficiency of daylight, but also create an atmosphere completely different from the effect of daylight.
  3. Choosethe light source according to the lighting quality requirements. Before, the Incandescent and halogen lamps are used in situations where brightness, color, quality, and dimming performance are highly demanded. Now,  LED light sources are mostly used not only the above situations but also used in places that emphasize energy saving and reduce maintenance.
  4. Good Quality LED driver can increase the life of the light source and reduce maintain cost for long term. So pay more on the driver is worth.
  5. Every lighting project should have a maintenance plan, such as regular checking,replacement or cleaning.
  6. The function of the lighting is equivalent to doors and windows, and it is an integral part of the building that cannot be ignored, rather than a certain decoration of the interior design.
  7. The important factor to judge the quality of lighting product is the combination of its function, the maximum visual comfort it can achieve and the best lighting efficiency.
  8. The requirements of functionality and architectural design should be taken into account when arranging illuminators.
  9. Natural lighting and artificial lighting design is an integral part of architectural conception.
  10. To reduce energy consumption, natural lighting and artificial lighting in the work area should be combined.
  11. When wiring the lighting, pay attention tothe different functions of the room and do proper things.
  12. When designing the lighting for a working place, the best visual comfort should be considered.
  13. The senseof brightness of the environment can be achieved by the facade lighting or indirect lighting of the ceiling.
  14. Accent lighting can arouse people’s interest in a certain position and help people perceive the environment in a space.
  15. In order to create different atmospheres and the best lighting effects, we can consider to use lighting control systems.
  16. Even in the design of interior lighting, the effect of outdoor lighting at night should be think of.
  17. The design structure of a building can be best reflected by excellent lighting design.
  18. lighting and lighting effects are not only an important part of architectural design, but also a method of forming the corporate image of the company.