Influenced by the “image” of novels and movies, the ninjas are black masked in the dark every time they go out. As time goes on, black becomes the representative of the ninja.

let’s enjoy the artwork of the combination of light and shadow:

This is a building about “Ninja Culture”. The hotel is located in the center of Kyoto, Japan, on the west side of Kyoto Imperial Palace. There are residential areas, small shops, apartments and hotels. The architects designed 5 floors and 21 rooms. This project is 9 meters long and 35 meters wide.

Perhaps the owner is a ninja culture enthusiast, he asked the hotel’s design around the “Ninja” culture.

So how to introduce “Ninja” into the design concept? Studying the history of ninjas, the ninjas have always lived in the “shadows”, and they are hiding and hiding their identity.

Therefore, the hotel’s design concept “shadow” came into being. Representing mystery, illusion, silence, and a strong sense of presence, the shadow of the facade is more than the sense of volume, indicating that the ninja can be hidden anywhere.

The entrance space is covered by “Koushi”, which is a kind of grid in Japanese style. Eaves are added on the first, second and top floors, and a unique facade is formed by Koushi grid. The whole facade is composed of two layers of grids. Each layer adopts alternating v-shapes, which are staggered from each other to enhance the light and shadow effect of the facade.

Each single piece of grille is brown on one side and black on the other side. When people look from the east side of the hotel, the facade is brown, but when people arrive at the hotel, the brown color disappears and the entire building is black.

There is a deep pit on the floor of the hall and on the right side of the front desk. There are 50 sharp nails inside. Of course, it is covered by thick glass and forms part of the ground. When people approach, they will be very surprised that they can pass freely.

The concept of “black” is also used in the interior space. For a modern hotel. This effect can be achieved completely, and customers can also experience ninja skills in this hotel.

When people came to the front desk, they couldn’t see the waiter, only the stone wall with a golden leaf. But suddenly, the ninja appeared in front of people through the rotating door “kakushi tobira” that merged with the wall.

The walls of the hotel are decorated with “sword in hand”. The pictures of Ninja silhouettes are projected on the walls of the main passageway on the first floor. The staff of the hotel are all wearing Ninja suits. You will really feel the existence of “Ninja” in this hotel.


Architectural design:EASTERN Design Office

Location:  Kyoto,Japan

Type: Hotel

Area:695.0 ㎡

Time: Year 2019