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Introduction of LED lighting driver

If you want to produce a LED lighting product, the most important parts are heat dissipation, driver, and light source(LED chips). At the same time, heat dissipation is particularly important. The heat dissipation directly affects the life quality of the lighting product, and the life of the driver itself. And the stability of output current [...]

Introduction of LED lighting driver2021-03-12T09:19:34+00:00

Five types of heat sinks for indoor LED lighting fixtures

Since long time, the biggest technical problem of LED lighting fixtures is the heat dissipation.Poor heat dissipation has led to LED driving power and electrolytic capacitors becoming shortcomings for the further development of LED lighting fixtures, and the cause of the premature decline of LED light sources. In the lighting solution using LV LED light [...]

Five types of heat sinks for indoor LED lighting fixtures2020-12-21T09:18:43+00:00

How to calculate the required wattage for indoor lighting

How to choose the wattageof light ①First let’s explain what is luminous flux Luminous flux (Lx), means the radiant power that the human eye can feel, refer to the standard value of illuminance per level in the figure below: Place                                      [...]

How to calculate the required wattage for indoor lighting2020-11-30T07:32:00+00:00

LED lamp manual and maintenance

LED lighting fixtures are popular among consumers because they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, under long-term use, LED lighting fixtures are also worn out, and some wrong operations can easily damage the LED lighting fixtures. What cause led light break down? LED lamps with poor quality are more likely to fail. When buying, [...]

LED lamp manual and maintenance2020-11-18T08:03:55+00:00

What is the difference between spot light and flood light

What is spot light? LED spot light, also known as flexible lights, projection lights, etc., mainly used for architectural decorative lighting , as well as commercial space lighting, with a heavy decorative component, its appearance is round and square, because generally have to consider the reasons for heat dissipation, so its shape and the traditional [...]

What is the difference between spot light and flood light2020-10-20T08:58:54+00:00

How to design supermarket Lighting

Modern LED lighting in supermarkets can be said to go hand in hand with merchandising techniques. This is because proper shop lighting can make the merchandise more attractive and increase the customer's desire to buy it. Supermarkets use basically three kinds of lights, the basic lights, secondary lights and atmosphere lights. Basic lights This is the basic lighting in [...]

How to design supermarket Lighting2020-10-01T14:22:01+00:00

Yardstick and logic of commercial space lighting design

In fact, whatever both interior design and lighting design, we can't do without "yardstick". If we get the yardstick right, we won't be accused of "overdoing it" by the owner. What does the yardstick mean? Generally denotes the size and gauge of an object; sometimes it is also used to indicate a standard for doing or [...]

Yardstick and logic of commercial space lighting design2020-09-09T09:36:20+00:00

UV sterilized light and trend of UV light source

UV sterilized light and trend of UV light source With the global spread of COVID-19, various protection methods and disinfection technologies have attracted much attention. Medical alcohol, disinfectant, and ultraviolet radiation are all products and methods to prevent and control the spread of the new corona virus. Compared with chemical disinfection, what is the performance and [...]

UV sterilized light and trend of UV light source2020-11-07T08:27:07+00:00

Shop lighting – display lighting

Lighting is very important in the display area,we can definitely say that it's the soul of the furnishings. Clothing display designers know how to use lights to bring out the overall atmosphere. So what exactly are the lights that can be used in a store? What kind of effect can be created? Speaking of lighting, [...]

Shop lighting – display lighting2020-06-17T09:35:44+00:00

What is glare?

What is glare? Due to the unsuitable brightness distribution or brightness range, or the existence of extreme brightness contrast, visual phenomena that cause uncomfortable feelings or lower the ability to observe details or targets are collectively called glare. If the human eye is exposed to glare, it feels irritated and nervous, and working under such [...]

What is glare?2020-06-09T07:32:00+00:00