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Five type heat sink for Indoor led lighting

Why the led light heat sink is so important for a led lighting product? The lighting manufacturers always concern much about the led lighting product heat dissipate solution. By now, the biggest technical problem of LED lighting fixtures is the heat dissipation problem. In the luminaire scheme using the LED light source, since the LED [...]

Five type heat sink for Indoor led lighting2019-08-19T02:38:12+00:00

Somthing you need to know about Floodlighting

There are different types of lighting, such as wall lighting, down lighting, Ceiling lighting and floodlighting. You might be aware of other lighting methods, but you have very little information on floodlighting. This article provides detailed information on floodlighting technology. So, what is floodlighting? Floodlighting refers to the illumination of a target or scene using a floodlight [...]

Somthing you need to know about Floodlighting2019-08-13T03:25:19+00:00

Human Centric Lighting and Its Role in the Modern World

The last few years have seen drastic changes in the lighting industry, where people have moved from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Controlled lighting and energy savings have been the driving factors towards LEDs. However, the change train is still rolling with the adoption of human centric lighting. · What is Human Centric Lighting? LightEurope [...]

Human Centric Lighting and Its Role in the Modern World2019-08-06T09:37:40+00:00

Copenhagen Nobis Hotel project

This 1st building on Niels Brocks Gade attracts the attention of generation after generation. This magnificent building was designed in 1903 as an insurance company and later became the seat of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. After a long period of vacancy, the building ushered in the move of Copenhagen Nobis Hotel. [...]

Copenhagen Nobis Hotel project2019-07-25T05:33:02+00:00

Yufeng Lighting : Your Ultimate Partner in OEM LED Lighting Products

Our OEM LED Lighting Manufacturing Services We know that many LED lighting companies are interested in selling LED lighting products under their company’s brand name. It is a business service that has been getting huge attention in the last decade. However, most of the suppliers don’t want to get involved in the production . Here [...]

Yufeng Lighting : Your Ultimate Partner in OEM LED Lighting Products2019-07-10T09:44:03+00:00

Top 9 Benefits of LED Lighting Products from China

 Does LED Lighting Products Made in China Good? Over the last few years, there has been drastic adoption of LED lighting in various facilities. People in various homes are currently replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs which have been proven to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Statistics show LED lights are 80% more efficient [...]

Top 9 Benefits of LED Lighting Products from China2019-07-08T09:55:51+00:00

Seven tips to save your LED light driver

The LED lamp packaging and heat dissipation technology were making great progress in recent years, the occurrence of light decay and color drift are mainly the products of some bad quality factory , the main reason is the unreasonable heat dissipation design. Frankly speaking, the problem of LED lamp driving power supply is much more important, [...]

Seven tips to save your LED light driver2019-06-26T10:32:09+00:00

LED Lighting Manufacturers in China

You’ve seen the Made-in-China label on almost every LED lighting system you buy or come across. And you probably wonder: Wouldn’t it just make more sense to go directly to the source and buy your merchandise in China to maximize profits? Well, the answer is yes, but you need to do it so that [...]

LED Lighting Manufacturers in China2019-06-15T02:37:27+00:00

Natural lighting design of high-rise buildings

With the development of world economy, new progress and breakthroughs have been made in urban construction, and the number of high-rise buildings has also increased dramatically. Tower building has largely saved land resources, but there are still many in the process of construction.Such as the low efficiency of natural lighting applications, the lack of smooth [...]

Natural lighting design of high-rise buildings2019-05-31T11:05:36+00:00

LED lighting top 10 certification standards

LED has always been called a new generation of green light sources. Its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages make the LED lighting industry become a green industry that countries focus on. In order to standardize the emerging market of LED lighting, some important LED regional markets around the world have introduced [...]

LED lighting top 10 certification standards2019-05-18T02:10:37+00:00