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What is indirect lighting?

     Indirect lighting is a kind of lighting effect that uses a luminaire or a light source to reflect the light source through walls, ceiling,mirrors, floors, etc. The key point is the light source is not directly projected to the object. Generally speaking, The below aspect of indirect lighting are very important. First is [...]

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LED Design In Industrial Plant Lighting

We(YuFeng lighting) always commit to introduce the green lighting design in the lighting of ordinary industrial plants (mainly light industrial factories). We think that if the electricity consumption of lighting can be effectively reduced, it can not only reduce production costs, but also contribute to environmental protection, and can also improve the productivity of enterprises.   1 [...]

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Why the LED light becoming darker? Here are three reasons

It is common that the led light becoming darker than before after using a while. So what is the reason for this ? Here we are going to explain to you. Driver damage LED lamp beads are required to work at DC low voltage (below 20V), but our usual mains supply is AC high voltage [...]

Why the LED light becoming darker? Here are three reasons2019-08-26T08:16:01+00:00

Five type heat sink for Indoor led lighting

Why the led light heat sink is so important for a led lighting product? The lighting manufacturers always concern much about the led lighting product heat dissipate solution. By now, the biggest technical problem of LED lighting fixtures is the heat dissipation problem. In the luminaire scheme using the LED light source, since the LED [...]

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Seven tips to save your LED light driver

The LED lamp packaging and heat dissipation technology were making great progress in recent years, the occurrence of light decay and color drift are mainly the products of some bad quality factory , the main reason is the unreasonable heat dissipation design. Frankly speaking, the problem of LED lamp driving power supply is much more important, [...]

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Natural lighting design of high-rise buildings

With the development of world economy, new progress and breakthroughs have been made in urban construction, and the number of high-rise buildings has also increased dramatically. Tower building has largely saved land resources, but there are still many in the process of construction.Such as the low efficiency of natural lighting applications, the lack of smooth [...]

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LED lighting top 10 certification standards

LED has always been called a new generation of green light sources. Its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages make the LED lighting industry become a green industry that countries focus on. In order to standardize the emerging market of LED lighting, some important LED regional markets around the world have introduced [...]

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