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What Is The Difference Between Human Centric Lighting, Intelligent Lighting And Health Lighting?

In the last few years, human-centric lighting has become a trending topic in the lighting industry. With the quality of life becoming central in the development of various products around the world, lighting will tend to be human-centered as well. Human-oriented lighting has been known to offer benefits such as improved performance, happiness, health, and [...]

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Osram DURIS S 10 Series

Osram DURIS S 10 Series DURIS® S 10 is the latest addition to Osram Opto Semiconductors' successful chip array SMD product family, which uses an LED array to create a single-lighting design that contains only one easy-to-install SMD component. Like all members of the DURIS product family, the DURIS® S 10 in a reliable package, [...]

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What is Green Lighting?

The short history about green lighting In the 1970s and 1980s, the world faced an energy crisis. The rise of international environmental protection, saving energy and protecting the global environment became the consensus of mankind. In June 1992, the United Nations held its first meeting of the Human Environment in Stockholm, and published the famous [...]

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LED Design In Industrial Plant Lighting

We(YuFeng lighting) always commit to introduce the green lighting design in the lighting of ordinary industrial plants (mainly light industrial factories). We think that if the electricity consumption of lighting can be effectively reduced, it can not only reduce production costs, but also contribute to environmental protection, and can also improve the productivity of enterprises.   1 [...]

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