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Shop lighting – display lighting

Lighting is very important in the display area,we can definitely say that it's the soul of the furnishings. Clothing display designers know how to use lights to bring out the overall atmosphere. So what exactly are the lights that can be used in a store? What kind of effect can be created? Speaking of lighting, [...]

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What is glare?

What is glare? Due to the unsuitable brightness distribution or brightness range, or the existence of extreme brightness contrast, visual phenomena that cause uncomfortable feelings or lower the ability to observe details or targets are collectively called glare. If the human eye is exposed to glare, it feels irritated and nervous, and working under such [...]

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8 common LED testing technologies

LED light sources and traditional light sources are very different in size and spatial distribution of luminous flux, spectrum, and light intensity. LED test cannot use the traditional light source detection standards and methods. Below we will introduce you to the testing technology of common LED lamps. Testing of optical parameters of LED lamps 1、Luminous [...]

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The detail you should know about the LED lens

What is LED lens? LED lens is an optical system that is closely related to LED and helps to improve the light output efficiency and change the light distribution of LED. The primary LED lenses are normally silicone , because silicone is resistant to high temperatures, it is often directly packaged on LED chips. The size of [...]

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What Is The Difference Between Human Centric Lighting, Intelligent Lighting And Health Lighting?

In the last few years, human-centric lighting has become a trending topic in the lighting industry. With the quality of life becoming central in the development of various products around the world, lighting will tend to be human-centered as well. Human-oriented lighting has been known to offer benefits such as improved performance, happiness, health, and [...]

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Do you know which type of lights can be dimmed?

The technology of lighting was developing so fast and there are more and more types of lamps appear in our life. But can you tell which ones can be dimmed? Today we are going to talk about which light sources are dimmable. As you can see ,there are many types of light that show as [...]

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How to make the anti-glare for museum lighting

Museum lighting requires precise light distribution. However, each exhibit has a wide variety of exhibits, scenes, and graphic boards. So the lighting needs to be adjusted flexibly,and the light after the adjustment is also important for anti-glare. Before we start to tell about the anti-glare thing, let's take a brief introduction about what is anti-glare: [...]

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What is CRI(Color Rendering) and how to show it?

In ancient times, people lived and worked depend on the sun for a long time, and they got light by fire at night. Under this condition, people have a relatively fixed understanding of the color of the observed object. That is to say, the color of an object is considered as its "real" color only when it [...]

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Human Centric Lighting and Its Role in the Modern World

The last few years have seen drastic changes in the lighting industry, where people have moved from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Controlled lighting and energy savings have been the driving factors towards LEDs. However, the change train is still rolling with the adoption of human centric lighting. · What is Human Centric Lighting? LightEurope [...]

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COB and SMD which is better?

LEDs enter the field of lighting, the initial form is the lamp beads solder directly on the board, first 3528, 5050, then 3014, 2835. However, the drawback of this method is that there are many processes, and the LED package is SMT, which has high cost and heat transfer. So COB was introduced to the [...]

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