Buying LED lighting units from China LED lighting suppliers has become a common undertaking in the current world. LED lighting dealers, contractors, and homeowners prefer LED lighting fixtures from China LED lighting manufacturers because they’re of high quality and available at reasonable prices.

However, this does not mean that you should buy LED lights from all China LED lighting suppliers you will come across in the industry. You need to incorporate some strategic selection practices that will help you avoid a bad manufacturer.

This article discusses some of the signs of a bad LED lighting supplier. If any of the China LED lighting manufacturers demonstrates any of the following signs, you need to cancel the deal before incurring losses.

1. Slow Feedback

Feedback is an important yardstick that is used to measure the authenticity of any company operating in the consumer industry.

A good company has well-rehearsed feedback, which is straight to the point. Customers get their queries addressed instantly.

Whenever you meet an LED lighting supplier taking too long to give a straightforward answer, or they just confirmed by a lengthy reply that tries to explain everything without a clear answer to your question, it is a sign that they’re not competent in what they do unless your requirement is very special or custom made .

2. Very Low Prices

All the buyer pursuit the “good price” as a first task. Although the LED technology is developing fast and cost is decreasing, but the saying “you get what you pay for” is still valid.

Therefore, you should not expect to pay far below what other China LED lighting suppliers are asking. When you get an offer of very low prices,just think carefully how they do that and why they quote the very low price to you.If you can’t find the convincing answer, you should question the authenticity of such LED products.

However, this does not mean that you should pay beyond a reasonable price range. The main point is whether it is reasonable and I sure you can settle it..

3. Unreasonable Payment Conditions

Any professional LED lighting manufacturer has a reasonable payment condition that is balanced. An ideal payment terms requires the customer to make a 30% deposit before which production starts. Later, the customer inspects the goods and clears the final balance.

From the above scenario, customers are protected from committing full amounts until you check the goods. To avoid bad manufacturer, focus on working with companies that request you to make a deposit and clear the balance before inspection.

4. Breaking Promises

In the world of business, adhering to agreed deals and promises is very important. It creates a symbiosis relationship between the manufacturer and the buyer, which is beneficial for both parties. Fulfilling promises is also essential in business planning.

Therefore, in your LED lighting business, you should endeavor to work with a China LED lighting manufacturer that is willing to adhere to promises made. Your LED lighting supplier should stick to the promise of lead time, product quality, and prices without a constant change of goalposts, which negatively impacts your business.

5. Dishonesty

For your LED lighting business to succeed, you need to work with honest partners. You need to agree on deals with suppliers who can honor the agreement without having to change anything to their favor. Consistency in your dealings is of utmost importance.

The honesty of the factory indicates the risk level of your future cooperation to some extent. Sometimes the factory can not100%  avoid mistake(big or small) during cooperation but how to react and solve the issue when problem arise is essential to you.

Therefore,you should pay attention to this before you start the order and minimize risk.

6. Agreeing to all Demands

As you know, finding a supplier who will agree to meet all your demands and expectations without resistance is a hard asking. All LED lighting manufacturing companies have fundamental standards in their operations. In most cases, suppliers will only agree to orders that fall within such fundamentals.

Therefore, if you come across a LED lighting manufacturer willing to accept all your demands without further explanations, you should reconsider it. These might be the types of suppliers who are interested in closing the deal to profit but not so much care about how to meet their customers’ requirement.

How to Avoid Doing Business with Bad Supplier

The analysis above shows some of the signs of bad LED lighting suppliers. If you come across an LED lighting supplier demonstrating any of the traits discussed above, you should cancel the deal and look for a reliable LED lighting manufacturer.

Here are further steps that you can incorporate in your business to avoid doing business with a bad supplier.

  1. Make a phone call

It’s easy for suppliers to disguise themselves on the Internet, but it’s more difficult to do this on the phone. So try to make a long call to feel about them before you step further.

  1. Check business licenses & ask for references

We do this to find out whether the supplier is legal and whether there is any problem in the past cooperation.

  1. Get a sample to check and verify everything

Base on the samples you can check the product construction, quality, color, packing and also the supplier service during communication.

  1. Visit the company or factory in person or Conduct factory audits

This is the final step before you make the decision which is the most effective and direct approach to the factory. By this you can see all the details of them and the risk is lower to less than 10% after that.

  1. Inspect the order in an early circle

This step can help you find out any discrepancy of your requirement before final inspection. The earlier you find out the mistake the easier to solve it.

  1. Make a trial order before big order

Trends show that most of China LED lighting suppliers are reliable business partners. They adhere to the promises made and are good business communicators.

However, incorporating strategic practices that will help you to avoid dealing with the bad ones is always a bonus. It will help you to avoid excessive loss of money and time, which are valuable resources in your business.