Modern LED lighting in supermarkets can be said to go hand in hand with merchandising techniques. This is because proper shop lighting can make the merchandise more attractive and increase the customer’s desire to buy it. Supermarkets use basically three kinds of lights, the basic lights, secondary lights and atmosphere lights.

Basic lights

This is the basic lighting in the store.

On the outside, the illuminating lights used for window lighting, the outer edge lights of the shops that illuminate the sidewalks, and the lights on the ceiling;

on the inside, there are basic lights and safety passage instructions.

Basic lighting can be LED down light, led ceiling light, or led panel light, as well as direct or indirect lighting fixtures, depending on the type of store, display, and products sold, such as bakery needs indirect lighting, emphasize the soft brown tones of bread and various pastries.

Secondary lights

The secondary lighting has functions that can not be accomplished by basic lighting and can perform some special performances of commodities. The secondary lighting can use spotlights and track lights, which are mainly used to enhance the lighting of the shop window, so that the shelves and goods are displayed brighter and attract customers’ attention. This type of lighting already has the function of“selling goods”. The secondary lights mainly include the following two types:

Down lighting

It is the light shining down from the ceiling. It can effectively illuminate a certain position above the counter. This position should be selected so as not to stimulate the eyes of customers by the reflected light from the glass cabinet or counter. The effect of downward lighting can be achieved with LED down light.

Display Cabinet Lighting

It is mainly used to solve the glare phenomenon caused by the reflected light produced by the glass cabinet surface and glass door. The display case light is easily concealed, and strongly illuminating the products, it can also shine upward to highlight the outline of the goods. It can also be used to illuminate the upper part of the wall, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

The main function of secondary lighting is to help customers judge and compare products, so as to make the best choice of goods.

Atmospheric lighting

Atmospheric lighting eliminates shadows and creates different effects in special displays, it not only illuminates the merchandise but can also be used to illuminate walls directly to create atmosphere. It can be used to directly illuminate a mannequin or even an advertising panel with product samples on it. Atmospheric lighting has the most direct relationship with the person displaying the product.

In the window, atmospheric lighting can be added with filters, creating a variety of colors of light, resulting in a dramatic effect; in the store, atmospheric lighting can make the display of goods with more characteristics,and it can be brighter according to requirements .

To achieve dramatic effects with atmospheric lighting in the display area, two problems need to be solved, that is, brightness and color. Most of the display lights in the store are illuminated from above or from the side. Because the light shines from bottom to top, it is easily blocked by display devices or merchandise and forms shadows. As for side light, it is more suitable for furniture display.

If the lighting arrangement is improper, it will produce glare due to reflection, which will stimulate the eyes of customers and make customers disgusted and leave.

Therefore, when arranging the spotlight, the downward illumination angle should not exceed 45°. If there is still glare less than 45°, you can install a light shield or louver at the bulb foot to control the light illumination angle.

The importance of lighting in merchandising cannot be overstated. The role of lighting is huge and supermarkets should be more sensitive to this issue and constantly improve their lighting techniques to keep their window displays and indoor merchandising up to date.

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