You’ve seen the Made-in-China label on almost every LED lighting system you buy or come across.

And you probably wonder:

Wouldn’t it just make more sense to go directly to the source and buy your merchandise in China to maximize profits?

Well, the answer is yes, but you need to do it so that it is profitable.

Let’s find out how.

How to Find China LED Lighting Manufacturers

To ensure profitability in the import LED lightings from China business, you need to consider so many things.

But firstly, find a manufacturer that can guarantee you quality, reliability and affordability.

The good thing is that there are several mediums for finding LED lighting manufacturers in China.

Adjustable led downlights 10W D0161-10

They include;

· Random Searches Online

The internet has made it easy for you to find and contact manufacturers of interest.

All you need to do is perform a random search on your favorite search engine, i.e. Google, Bing ,yahoo etc.

To get the best results, you’ll need to perform a specific search of what you need.

That is, make your keyword as specific as possible.

For example, if you’re searching for an LED strip manufacturer, your keyword has to be, ‘LED manufacturer in China’, “LED light manufacturer in China”, etc.

And if you know exactly what kind of products you looking for you can also put on the products name +LED manufacturer in China such as led downlight +LED manufacturer in China or led ceiling light + LED manufacturer in China.

This way, you’ll avoid having to sort through thousands of results to find what you are looking for.

· B2B Websites

B2B websites like Alibaba and Made-in-China also do a good job of connecting potential buyers with manufacturers.

The sites are usually online directories whose lists you can use to find a legitimate LED lighting manufacturer.

A majority of suppliers on these sites are verified to be reputable. Most of them you can rely on but still need to check and screen them before you fully trust.

· Trade Fairs

Visiting a trade fair near you can help you find a variety of LED manufacturers.

Here, suppliers display their products in stalls where you can see and feel the products they offer.

You can even inspect the quality of products just to be sure.

Now, there are several lighting exhibitions set up across the world.

Popular ones include;

 The Frankfurt light+build lighting fair (very famous for Europe lighting market and every two year one time)

–  The Canton fair ( twice one year,not professional for lighting but for all kinds of stuff )

–  The Hong Kong international lighting fair ( twice one year but usually more like to visit the autumn one, suitable for international buyer to look for a Chinese supplier)

–  Guangzhou international lighting fair (on earlier of June each year, more suitable for China local mareket buyer)

–  Euroluce (Milan,Italia) (Focus on novel design and build a bridge between the lighting and furniture industry, which lights up every two years)

–  Interlight Moscow (demonstrates a whole range of products and modern solutions in the areas of both decorative and technical lighting)

Light Middle East exhibition (on October in Dubai, the biggest Middle East’s premier exhibition)

If you happen to visit any fair , just go through all the supplier first in a short time and then select some that you think it can be trusted and talk detail.

Here we have some tips for you;

Pay attention to the sales on the booth and see if they behavior professional and positive. The person who work in this company usually representative the company level.

Ask for their name cards and catalogues. Mark down the information and the most concern by note book or ipad in case you forget after you back to office.

You can even take pictures with the salesmen and of the products you’re interested in.

These will help you to sort out and keep record ,  which is good for your business.

Led COB downlight 7W D0128-07 

· Factory Visit

Typical questions you should ask yourself when looking for a Chinese LED lighting manufacturer include;

  • Is quality the most improtant things they care about?
  • Can she help me to avoid the after-sales trouble? Are we share the same principle?
  • Is she trustworthy, true to herwords and dependable? My money is safe when I trade with her?
  • Can theymeet your delivery dates and provide support on all aspect?

A great way to get answers to these is by going to China personally and meet your prospective manufacturer.

That way, you won’t only have the chance to talk and discuss business with the manufacturer.

But, you also get the opportunity to look for your potential LED lighting products.

Visiting China, maybe, not always the best option for startups and small businesses.

This is because it is a very lengthy process.

Also, travelling expenses may lead to increased expenditure and reduced profits.

So if you wish to avoid this, simply search for suppliers online or on B2B sites first.

Once you find a manufacturer that allows you to get good quality products at a resaonable price, contact them for business.

C0012-20 surface mount ceiling light 9W

Import LED Lights from China Process

Finding the right manufacturer for your LED lighting importation is essential.

But it doesn’t end there.

There is the process of importation, which, luckily, is not difficult at all.

The process typically involves the following steps;

Step 1: Sourcing Merchandise

The first step in any importation process is to find the items you would like to import, which is easy yet challenging.

You see, most Chinese manufacturers don’t deal in small volumes.

So if you’re considering spending a few hundred dollars to test the waters, you’re better off buying locally at a higher price first.

To successfully import from China, you need to be willing to make a reasonable investment.

Otherwise, I’d advise that you focus on growing your sales domestically before taking the plunge.

When ready, you can start by finding the right manufacturer using any of the options I gave earlier.

Or, you can hire a sourcing agent as these have connections that can give them great deals.

Step 2: Verify Manufacturer Credibility

If you’re finding your manufacturer, ensure that you verify their credibility first.

For this, you need to focus on certain key things.

Start by checking if they have a website.

  • Does it look real?
  • Are the products they offer listed on the site?
  • Does the manufacturer have a physical address?
  • Is the address verifiable?
  • What certifications do they have?
  • If you’re not satisfied, go ahead and ask for samples.
  • The product looks good? Do they have their own R&D ability?
  • What of testimonials from past clients?

It is essential to know all these.

So want to know every possible detail about your potential manufacturer.You can find a highly rated supplier on Alibaba or any other B2B site. But remember, anyone can be highly rated if they are willing to pay for that.

As such, it is necessary to gauge each manufacturer in person.

This is where it is vital to pick at least ten prospects then narrow down to the most viable ones.

Step 3: Negotiate with the Manufacturer

After finding a reputable supplier to work with, the next step would be to negotiate with them.

Sometimes the MOQ might be too high, or you need a discount on products depending on your purchase volume.

Actually the Chinese factory also hope to find a good customer. Just show them your sincerity and strength you really have. Talk to them in a win-win position will be much useful for both side.

Step 4: Make an Order

After you’ve negotiated the terms and conditions and come to an agreement, go ahead and make your order.

Here, you may need to pay a deposit for the manufacturer to begin production. And usually the balance will be paid before shipment after you inspect the goods.

LED COB  Recessed downlight 5W D0133-05

Step 5: Quality Control

Well, everything seems great so far, and you have made the deposit.

But then, how do you know you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for?

This is where quality control comes in.

The best approach to quality control is to either fly to China to inspect all the goods before shipping.

Or, send in a representative (a member of your staff) to do this for you.

If time and resources do not permit this, you can hire a quality control agent or inspector based in China.

The agent will inspect for you and provide you with a detailed report of the inspection.

For the first batch you should check everything carefully and if you are lucky to meet a supplier who are stable on the quality you may save time and cost for the repeat order.

Once you’ve verified that the products meet your specified requirements, you can commence shipping.

Step 6: Packaging

To ship, products need first to be packaged in the right manner.

LED lighting cargo is quite delicate.

So you need to package and load them in a way that will allow safe shipping.

Good quality inner box and cartons are advisable for packaging. If the product with glass or  easy broken material then bubble wrap paper or foam are necessary.

Step 7: Shipping

Shipping is a lengthy process that involves;

  • Transporting loaded containers from factory premises to the loading port
  • Clearance of goods by Chinese customs before shipping
  • Loading container into shipping vessels
  • Actual shipping from loading port to destination port
  • Clearance of goods once they arrive at the destination port. This includes paying of duties and taxes as required
  • And finally, transporting the shipment from to final destination (by sea, air, or rail) and unloading.

Now, although lengthy, shipping LED lighting from China to your destination is not hard.

You just need to do things right.

That is, have the correct documentation, abide by the rules and follow due procedure.

To make all this easy and manageable, you can find a freight forwarder to transport your items to the ports.

And then, find a customs broker to clear the items once they arrive at the destination port. Some factory also can be help for this part job.

These are the two most critical and problematic stages of shipping from China.

So,  find a good freight forwarder and customs broker to help you through the process, will be a better choice.

Cost of LED Lighting Systems in China

When talking about the cost of LED lighting systems, there is a lot that comes into play.

First, there is the cost of the product.

In China, LED lightings price  are vary with manufacturers. It depends on what material or parts they use, the factory management level and quality level they fullfill. For example, different LED chips and drivers can be very different price when you purchase in China. It can be 3~5 times difference.

But it also can be sure that you directly import from China will be much lower than what local dealers offer if you know how to.

So, the cost comparison is essential to help you find the most competitive LED lighting price.

Secondly, there is the freight cost. This is the cost of getting your products from the factory to your destination.

For those shipping abroad, you’ll need to add in the cost of clearing goods through customs.

That is import duties and taxes. Again, these vary according to the country of importation and the product.

Luckily in most countries, customs duties are lower for LED products and inputs.

Other costs that may add to the total landing cost of an LED lighting from China include agent charges, inspection fees, etc.

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Types of LED commercial Lighting from China

In addition to everything you’ve learned so far, it is also good to know the various types of LED lightings from China.

These are divided into two categories that include:

Interial Commercial Light

LED Downlight

High powered LED downlights make a better option than using traditional halogen lamps not only because they are more energy saving but also these lights offer you more choice than the rest.

Compared to traditional lights, high powered LED down-lights can produce thousands of lumens.

This makes them especially useful for illumination of counters, shop windows, hallways, dining, and conference rooms.

Downlights are also often used for commercial lighting of supermarkets, elevators and indoors.

LED Surface Mount Ceiling Lamp

As the name suggests, this is a type of lighting that is mounted on the surface of the ceiling.

It is a favorite among many customers as it gives a great style of lighting for small rooms, especially in low ceiling areas.

This makes it similar to pendant light, without hanging quite low.

Note that LED surface mount ceiling lamps provide the dual option of ambient or focused spotlighting.

They are generally great for setting the mood, or for particular lighting areas.

LED Ceiling light

LED ceiling lights are always popular. It’s easy to install and low cost to replace.

More and more people have replaced their traditional ceiling lamps with led ceiling lights.

LED ceiling lights come in various styles, the most common being that fits tight to the ceiling.

The light that they emit can be delightful and add mood to a room.

Because of their long life, LED ceiling lights will not need replacing for many years to come.

LED Track Light

LED track lights are highly efficient and work pretty well for specific areas that need highlighting.

They do an excellent job in foucs the areas with both warm and cool shades of illumination.

Regarding options available, there is a vast array of LED track lights as far as design is concerned.

In recent years, the general trend of track lamps is simple and beautiful design.

LED Pendant lamp

LED pendant lights are an excellent choice for some places.

It looks beautiful as well as brings the lights closer to where the light is necessary.

There are many different sizes and shapes of LED Pendant lamps.

Many people will take advantage and put these over the top of a table too, especially in restaurants.

LED Wall Lamp

Another popular type of LED lighting for commercial use is the LED wall lamps.

These are available in many different sizes and style.

LED wall lamps for their spaces that will add a personal touch.

A lot of them are quite decorative too.

So customers can have these for decorative purposes as well as for functional lighting.

LED Tube Light

Tube lights  are slimmer and can be recessed installed in a wide range of areas, including conference rooms, homes, offices, etc.

The LED tube lights are eco-friendly,long lasting and cost effective

LED Panel light

LED panel lightings are  indoor lights really hot selling recently made from aluminum.

There are different powers such as 12W, 18W, 72W, 36W, 48W, 36Wand 85W.

An advantage of panel lights is that they are effortless to install.

And they can produce soft light effect that other light can not achive.

The good quality panel light are also highly durable that it can last up to 50,000 hours.

LED Grid light

LED grid light is good lighting choice for most of the customers.

The purpose of the grid is to concentrate the light to a specific area.

Grid lights are often mounted on ceilings, and sometimes on walls.

They are modern, arty, and an excellent option for illuminating specific areas of a restaurant, office, or shopping.

Outdoor Commercial Light

Outdoor LED Floodlight

Outdoor LED floodlight is a type of light used to brighten or illuminate football fields, playgrounds, work zones, and similar places at night.

They can be installed at ground level, or on walls, poles, fences, and roofs.

Floodlights provide more excellent illumination after dark, as well as for security purposes.

Outdoor LED Wall Light

There are also outdoor LED wall lights.

These are purposefully mounted on exterior walls to brighten or illuminate the outdoors during nighttime.

Outdoor LED Spike Lamp

Spike lamps, these are used to light up plant areas in garden at night.

LED spike lamps are best at such sites due to their brightness and focal light emissions.


There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn about LED lightings from China.

However, this guide shows that if you wish to import LED lighting from China, finding the right manufacturer is key.

It is the only way to guarantee the importation of quality, reliable and affordable LED lightings from China.