According to the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics’ research on the visual impact and perceived performance of LED lighting, the performance of full-spectrum LED products is superior to traditional solutions.

Research conducted by the organization has shown that full-spectrum LED lighting provides better visual comfort and naturalness (including color, condition, and quality) than normal LED products.

The researchers concluded that full-spectrum LEDs can provide unparalleled color rendering at different color temperatures.LEDs are generally classified as emitting light similar to natural sunlight.

Nichia has developed a series of proprietary full-spectrum LED solutions with specific advantages. For example, Optisolis technology accurately simulates sunlight, but does not produce any ultraviolet light (which will degrade precious cultural relics), suitable for museums, art galleries, jewelry stores, and other retail establishments.

Vitasolis products are aimed at people-centric lighting applications, with a higher cyan content in the spectrum, which can increase alertness.

Dr. Ulf Meiners, Managing Director of Nichia Germany, said: “There is very little research on the impact of full-spectrum LEDs on people’s perception, and it focuses on the psychological effects of natural and artificial light. As a true pioneer of daylight white LED emitters,NICHIAWelcome to the discovery of Fraunhofer IBP.We hope to carry out new research to further prove the performance of full-spectrum LEDs in terms of perception, behavior and health. ”

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