Lighting is very important in the display area,we can definitely say that it’s the soul of the furnishings.

Clothing display designers know how to use lights to bring out the overall atmosphere. So what exactly are the lights that can be used in a store? What kind of effect can be created?
Speaking of lighting, its role cannot escape increasing the color and texture of the product, increasing the sense of space between the product and the store, and improving the affinity of the product.
For example, using a warm-colored light source to illuminate a warm-colored product can increase color saturation. Valuable gold and silver jewelry and exquisite crafts, glassware, etc. can increase the reflectivity through ideal light irradiation, which can show the beauty of the material and the processing technology delicate and exquisite.

At the same time, it is also necessary to fully reflect the different characteristics, materials and color effects of different commodities through lighting, and use effective color light to increase the special atmosphere of the store space to attract the attention of customers and promote the sales.

Artificial light is used in display lighting, depending on the function of the following four main distinctions (come on, Let’s see how the display design are called these light).

Lighting light: The basic lighting of the store.

The lights are evenly distributed on the top of the store to illuminate the displayed goods evenly. Under this kind of top-down, average-illumination light, the stereo feeling, texture and color of the goods generally make people a good visual experience and can clearly see the displayed goods.

Image light: mainly refers to local lighting.

Image light intended to highlight the unique color, material or function of the goods, to show the value of the commodity and so on. The image of the product or the company is vividly displayed in front of customers with local lighting to attract attention, infect emotions, touching people, and then promote the sales.

Mood lighting: The exhibitor should give people a certain atmosphere that is conducive to the display effect. This feeling can be reflected by the method of mood lighting.

Atmospheric light design requires special lighting combinations, or special color light sources, and can also draw on some techniques of stage art and stage lighting to achieve the design effect and purpose.

Guided light: As the name suggests, it is the lighting that guides the sight.

The successful light-guided design has a suggestive effect, allowing consumers to stop and watch, focus their attention on a certain part of the clothing, and get the message conveyed.
The above different lighting can bring out different atmosphere of store merchandise display, but without the basic conditions of lighting, the expected effect cannot be achieved.

Here are a few commonly used lighting devices for in-store displays for those working in visual design:

Track light: Track light are typical modern lights with no main light and an unlimited scale, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights are combined, the light can change into a fantastic pattern. Because the small spotlights can freely change the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also ever-changing.

LED COB  track light 15W L0018-15

Downlight: In the display of clothing and jewelry, LED down light are generally used. The biggest advantage of the LED down light is that the luminous efficiency is particularly high, the luminous efficiency is as high as 90 ~ 120Lm/W, and it generates less heat during using, as it is a cold light source.

The high color rendering index also means that the degree of color reduction is extremely high, so the use of  led downlight can play a adds to the effect and can highlight the main body display effect.

Adjustable led downlights 10W D0161-10

Grille light: Because the light of the Grid spotlight is projected from a high place, the space brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, giving people a feeling similar to daylight, so grille light is mostly used for basic lighting in the shop window.


LED strip light and neon lights

Similar to neon LED light strips can be used in windows to create a mood and enhance the overall visual effect by using different colored light designs.

The creative use of these lights can bring out the best in a window, not only as an enduring work of art, but also as a marketing tool for your brand.

Besides the above light the led surface mount ceiling light, Led pendant light and led wall light are also suiable use in the shop lighting.

We should make the shop lighting design according to the products and company brand image to choose the appropriate light.