The top 5 factors affect the led lights quality

1, Heat dissipation

The heat accumulation of the LED chips not only affects the electrical performance of the LED, but may also eventually lead to LED failure. Therefore, in order to ensure the life of the LED lamp, heat dissipation becomes a key technology for white LED applications, and reducing or rapidly dissipating the heat generated by the LED becomes the primary problem in the application design of the white LED.

For this point we can check carefully the lamp’s heat sink to see if they are in good quality and good function. Usually judged by the material, size, and compactness with the lamp body.

2, The light source material

LED is a point light source. If poor quality LED chips is used, the chips will release a lot of heat during working, which will make the junction temperature rise rapidly. The higher the LED power, the greater the heating effect. The LED chip temperature will rise. The change in the performance of the light-emitting device and the electro-optical conversion efficiency are attenuated, and sometimes even can’t work any more in serious cases.

3, The driver power

The quality of LED power supply directly effect the reliability of LED products. Therefore, the requirements of efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply life and electromagnetic compatibility of LED driver power supply are very high for the customers in the market. Because the power supply play a role for a luminaireis is just as important as a human heart.

4, Drive current

 In the range of its current limit parameter,the greater the current flowing through the LED, the higher the brightness of the LED. The brightness of the LED is proportional to its operating current. However, if the current flowing through the LED exceeds the limit parameter range, the LED Saturation occurs, which not only reduces the luminous efficiency, but also shortens the service life.
So we must be careful to identify those lamps that use super-current to get higher light brightness, can not buy and use.

5, Light distribution

LED is a directional point source. How to creatively apply this feature of LED to make a comfortable light environment is the key point of LED light optical design technology.
The LED light source itself generally has a lens or a transmissive material for improving the light exiting efficiency, and at the same time satisfies the light distribution of about 120 degrees of light emission, which is generally called a primary optical design.However, in order to meet the various needs of indoor lighting, it is necessary to redistribute the light according to the needs.

In summary, when we hope to pick on a quality led lights, we must pay attention to the below parts:

led chips brands and quality

heat sink quality and design

Led driver parameter

lamp lens or reflector design

If all of the above are in good condition and well assembly we think you have sucessfully pick a good quality led light.