Does LED Lighting Products Made in China Good?

Over the last few years, there has been drastic adoption of LED lighting in various facilities. People in various homes are currently replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs which have been proven to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Statistics show LED lights are 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent. This means that most of the electrical power is converted to light and not wasted through resistance.

At the center of the growth and development of LED lights and lighting installations are Chinese LED Lighting suppliers. However, there are other suppliers from different parts of the world that are also producing LED lighting products. People are always torn between buying from a China LED lighting manufacturer or a supplier from the United States and Europe. Chinese LED lighting products are suitable and highly preferred due to the following reasons. 

1. High Product Quality

There has been a perception that Chinese-made products are cheap but of low quality. These are arguments that cannot be justified through any tangible evidence. Current trends show that LED lights and other installations from China have the best quality, especially compared to those from European countries. This explains why most of the European countries have been importing LED lights from China. Therefore, if you are interested in quality LED products that will offer the best LED lighting services; you must get them from China.

2. Innovative Research and Design

One of the factors that have made many Chinese products to stand out in the market is because they have a unique and innovative design. The same has been brought into the LED lighting products. They look creative and unique. When you are buying LED lighting products in China, you are sure that you will get unique products that will give your facility a unique and improved appearance. Research and design teams in most of the LED lighting suppliers spend much of their time coming up with innovative designs.

3. Product Customization

If you have purchased fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and other installation equipment from a United States store, you know that you are getting something very generic. You will get the standard bulb that is available in any other store. However, LED lighting products in China can be made to meet your specific tastes and preferences. You only need to liaise with your China LED lighting manufacturer before ordering. The research and design team will make sure that you get the shapes and sizes that are personalized to meet the needs of your facility.

4. Quality Control System

For a company to produce quality products, there must be an active quality control system that enhances the consistency of the products produced. Most of the LED manufacturers and suppliers in China have improved quality control systems and departments that check on the quality of LED lights. The primary purpose of the quality control department is to make sure that customers get what they want. This explains why most of the LED lighting products made China exhibit the same performance metrics.

5. High Energy Efficiency

The primary idea of LED lighting is to minimize the energy used to light homes, business facilities, and street lights as well. However, not all LED lighting bulbs are 100% energy efficient. Some of them are only a percentage better than the traditional bulbs. However, LED lighting products from China have proved to be high-energy efficient LED products. When you install LED lighting products from China, you can be sure that you will save more than 80% of the energy costs.

6. LED Product Varieties

As highlighted earlier, LED lighting products are used to light various properties which have different needs. For example, LED lighting products are currently used to light stadiums, factories, city streets, and homesteads. Those in city streets and stadiums are outdoor LED lighting products. They have been made to withstand snow, rain, high temperatures, and frost. They also produce much light as compared to those used in lighting homes or factory premises. There are several varieties, which mean that you can quickly get any LED lighting product in China.

7. Easy Installations

Light and electric installations remain to be one of the most expensive technical installations. It must be done by professionals who have been in the industry for an extended period. Professionals and experienced technicians charge premium prices, which is quite complex because you have already spent a fortune when buying LED lighting products. However, it is essential to highlight that most LED lighting products from China can easily be installed. They come with a manual that you can easily follow to fix your lights.

8. Durability

You only get value for money if the product you have purchased offers you services for an extended period. However, if the product only lasts for a short period, there is no doubt that you have lost your money. Most of the LED lighting products from China can serve you for ten years or more. Most of them have been made to be adaptable to a specific environment. LED lighting products for outdoors have a hard external surface and hard glass to prevent cracking or breaking easily.

9. LED Insurance and Warranties

Most of the Chinese LED lighting suppliers are already offering insurance and warranties for their LED lighting products. This means that you don’t have to worry about repair and maintenance expenses because your China LED lighting manufacturer will cater to that. However, insurance and warranties have not been offered to attract buyers. These are after sales services that accompany any product. Most of the Chinese-based LED products don’t need any repair or maintenance.

These are some of the aspects that demonstrate why LED products made in China are good. Trends show that most of the western countries prefer LED lighting products made in China due to their efficiency, innovativeness, durability, easier installation, and several LED lighting varieties.  If you are one of those people who are still obsessed with the idea that Chinese products are of low quality, you should change because there is no evidence to justify your claims

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