The short history about green lighting

In the 1970s and 1980s, the world faced an energy crisis. The rise of international environmental protection, saving energy and protecting the global environment became the consensus of mankind.

In June 1992, the United Nations held its first meeting of the Human Environment in Stockholm, and published the famous “Declaration of the Human Environment”, proposing that “human beings have only one earth.”In 1997, the international community signed the Kyoto Protocol, which is based on the obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in Kyoto, Japan.

In January 1991, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first proposed the concept of “Green Lights” and promoted the “Green Lights Program”. Then implemented and promoted it through civil cooperation and achieving good results.This quickly gained the attention and support of the United Nations and other international organizations.

Many developed countries and some developing countries also attached great importance to it and actively adopted corresponding policies and technical method to promote the the green lighting plan.

“Green lighting” is essentially a part of the global green action to save energy and protect the environment.

How we can benefited from Green lighting

The “green lighting” refers not only to lighting energy saving and environmental protection, but also to help improve people’s production, work, learning efficiency and quality of life, promote physical and mental health.

Green lighting should be people-oriented, creating a light environment that is comfortable, safe, and healthy for people. Lighting energy conservation and vision health should be both consideration.

Under the premise of ensuring lighting quality, meeting lighting requirements and visual comfort, and protecting eye health, it is achieved by adopting energy-saving lighting devices, making full use of natural light and performing elaborate lighting design.

However, a good lighting environment cannot be at the expense of wasting energy and sacrificing the environment. Through the use of advanced lighting electrical products and lighting technology, as well as the reasonable lighting design and management, it can save lighting energy, protect the ecological environment, and achieve green lighting.

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