What is spot light?

LED spot light, also known as flexible lights, projection lights, etc., mainly used for architectural decorative lighting , as well as commercial space lighting, with a heavy decorative component, its appearance is round and square, because generally have to consider the reasons for heat dissipation, so its shape and the traditional floodlights have some differences.

LED spot light Features:

At present, the commonly used LED spot lights on the market basically use 5W~15W COB LEDs (each LED component will have a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, and its main function is to secondarily distribute the light emitted by the LED, which is two Secondary optics), and some companies have chosen 30W or higher power LEDs because of the good heat dissipation technology. It is suitable for higher-power LED lighting or building lighting, etc.

What else should be concern for spot light features?

1、High purity aluminum reflector for the most accurate beam and best reflection.

2、Symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetrical light distribution systems.

3、Open-back replacement and simple installation for driver or leds for easy maintenance.

4、For the adjustable version the lamps are equipped with scales for easy adjustment of the beam angle.

LED spot light can be used without a controller in small project applications through the control of built-in microchips to achieve dynamic effects such as fading, jumping, color flicker, random flicker, gradient alternation, etc., as well as DMX control to achieve chasing and scanning effects.

Now, its main application places probably have these: single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, building interior & exterior lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, cultural facilities and other specialized lighting, bars, ballroom and other entertainment atmosphere lighting and so on.

What is LED Flood light?

The LED flood light is a point light source that can illuminate uniformly in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily.

100W LED flood light

Floodlights are the most widely used light source in renderings. Standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to coordinate their effects to produce better results. It illuminates the object evenly in all directions from a specific point and the best analogy is between a light bulb and a candle.

The floodlight can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside of camera range or inside of an object. It is common to use many different coloured floodlights at a distance in the same scene. These floodlights can cast shade and blend it onto the model.

Due to their wide range of illumination, floodlights are very predictable and have many secondary uses, such as creating a bright light on an object by placing the floodlight close to the surface of the object.

It should be noted that the flood light cannot be used too much, otherwise the rendering will appear flat and dull. Therefore, in the usual production of renderings, pay more attention to the impact of lighting parameters and layout on the light perception of the entire renderings scene, when you have more experience, you will master the lighting matching skills better.

50W LED Flood light

Notes for choosing led spot light and flood light:

When picking these two types of lights, you need to pay attention not only to the design to match your aesthetic, but more importantly, to the quality. Because the outdoor lights need to have IP rating and other features, they require more stability of quality.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose a good qualitiy brand of LED chip and driver. On this basis, the technology and product maturity of the factory are also very important.

Before you decide to buy, be sure to take the sample to do the appropriate test, and in the process of communication with the factory, to feel each other’s professionalism and if it’s easy for communication.

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