If you want to buy LED lighting products, you have the option of buying from the distributor, a retailer, or direct buying from an LED lighting manufacturer. The choice depends on the quantity of products and the logistical aspects involved.

However, buying directly from LED lighting suppliers has significant benefits as compared to buying from a local retailer or a distributor. Hundreds of companies in China have the option of selling directly to their customers due to the development of e-commerce.

Why is Direct Buying Beneficial?

Many buyers always contemplate the best method they should use to buy their products from China. If you’re wondering which method works for you, here are some of the reasons you should consider buying directly from an LED lighting factory.

Huge Cost Savings

The issue of cost is the number one aspect that you should consider when you’re trying to figure out whether to buy from a distributor or directly from the company. Distributors and retailers are middlemen who will always add a markup from the factory cost so that they can make some profits and run the company.

If you buy directly from LED lighting manufacturer, you give yourself a chance to save huge costs. You get rid of brokers who have huge impacts on cost implications. You will also get bonuses and after-sale services from the manufacturer, which is essential in saving money.

Timely Delivery

Buying directly from LED lighting factory is essential in enhancing the timely delivery of the ordered lighting products. At any given time, ordering from distributors takes time because they have to order from the manufacturer. This will delay your installation or sales to your customers.

However, ordering directly from the manufacturer allows you to access fast-hand information about various LED products in the industry. You will also be to know about the status of the products ordered.

Attention to Detail

Every time you are ordering lighting products to sell to your loyal customers, you want to get the best quality products so that you can have high customer retention. This will not happen when you get your LED products from distributors because you’re not sure about the quality.

However, when you get your LED lighting products directly processed and delivered by the LED lighting manufacturer, you can be sure that all metrics of quality have been followed. There is great attention to detail, which will help you to follow-up on quality.

Direct Line of Communication

Communication is an important aspect in ordering and delivery of high-quality lighting products. When buying from distributor, there is no direct line of communication. Distributors communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf.

In such circumstances, there is a high chance the wrong message will be delivered to the supplier leading to low-quality products. Buying directly from LED lighting suppliers creates direct line of communication, which means that the right information is delivered to suppliers.

No Shipping Damages

Lighting fixtures are kind of the delicate lighting products out there in the industry. There is a chance they will be damaged in transit. Buying from distributors increases the chances of damages because items will have to move from one store to the other.

However, buying directly minimizes shipping damages. All the lighting fixtures will be shipped from the manufacturer to your adress. There are no intermediary stores, which is critical in minimizing return outwards and saving money.

Great Discounts

Any company that is looking forward to lowering the cost of buying goods is highly interested in buying directly from the company so that it can access great discounts. All manufacturers offer great discounts to customers who buy in bulk.

When you buy from the retailer or distributor in your region, you stand to pay high because you will not get any discounts. Instead, the retailer or distributor got the discount from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Access to Customized Parts

You might want to have a unique business that sells unique lighting fixtures that are not available in other stores. Buy ordering directly from LED lighting suppliers, you can easily get your fixtures customized.

All the items you will order from your manufacturer should meet your specific tastes and preferences. Distributors and retailers cannot provide customized parts because they deal with generalized LED fixtures.

Wide Selection Range

As highlighted above, retailers and distributors don’t provide customized LED lighting products to their customers. In the same way, they do not have a wide selection range, which means that buyers are forced to buy what is available, which is against their tastes and preferences.

On the other hand, an LED lighting manufacturer has a wide selection range. Customers get a chance to choose anything that fits their tastes and preferences. They can also get specialty fixtures, which are difficult to find in retail businesses or with distributors.

Problems you may have during Direct Buying

Buying directly from the factory has its problems as well, but they can be ironed out with good and direct communication with the factory. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is one of the major issues when it comes to buying directly from China LED lighting suppliers.

Yufeng Lighting Limited understands that not all customers can be able to meet the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Therefore, the company has developed a flexible strategy where MOQ can be reduced depending on the needs of the customers.

Buying Directly from Yufeng Lighting Limited

Many companies in China have moved away from the traditional tiered system of distributors and retailers. They’re now using direct marketing techniques to reach their customers in a quick and cost-friendly approach.

Yufeng Lighting Limited is one of the companies that have embraced direct selling through the e-commerce platform. This sales and marketing approach is very beneficial to the customers because they get to save huge amounts of money, among other benefits as discussed above.

Buy your LED lighting directly from our manufacturing plant today. Contact us through mail or any contact details in our website at ‘YUFENG LIGHTING LIMITED’ for more information.