Why you should work with us in China when you can find so many other led lighting factory in China?

Here are the answers:

  1.  YuFeng lighting is a commercial led lighting factory you can purchase directly from without Middleman with good profit.

  2. We buy the raw material directly from the big factory in first hand and have a smooth factory management resulting in the lower product cost.

  3. Sales person with 10 year lighting experience and they know what you most concern.

  4. Strong R&D support can offer you new idea of popular products on each new season.

  5. We can’t sure say that 100% order delivery fast but 80% order can be deliver in 20~25 days, 15% in 30 days and 5% in 35 days.

  6. Your money is safe that you can get your money back if we can’t deliver the goods on time.

  7. Given strong confidence from our strictly Quality control system 2~3 year guarantee provided with factory offical stamp file. You will have our free replacement if it find out to be our fault.

  8. Your money will be retrun if our quality can’t meet your requirement.