Our OEM LED Lighting Manufacturing Services

We know that many LED lighting companies are interested in selling LED lighting products under their company’s brand name. It is a business service that has been getting huge attention in the last decade. However, most of the suppliers don’t want to get involved in the production .

Here at Yufeng Lighting, we’re prepared to offer you the best led products so that you can sell to your customers what they deserve.

It is our primary mission to give you OEM LED lighting product that meets the tastes and preferences of your customers. By considering us for these customized services, you will be allowing us to promote eco-friendly and energy efficient products. We want you to live up to your respectable reputation in the LED lighting business.

Yufeng Lighting started as an OEM in 2008, which is a clear indication that we will adhere to your specific design and produce the products that you need. Here are some of the few reasons why you should consider our production capabilities when it comes to OEM LED Lighting product creation.

1. Market Trends Information

When you are looking for OEM LED lighting products, you must make sure that the products you will be producing must meet the needs of your customers.

As a supplier and wholesaler, you may not 100% sure the decision of market trends. We will help you for that. We will give you all the trending aspects of LED lighting which we learn from our big customer so that you can come up with a modern design that addresses the needs of your customers.

2. Material Suggestions

As you already know, the use of OEM LED Lighting products varies. Some users may need OEM Lighting products for shopping mall, outdoor lighting, house interiors, and garden lighting. All these products need different materials for durability and adaptability. Our experienced team knows the best material for each use. We will suggest the right material for specific LED lighting products that fit your budget and consumer preferences.

3. Product Design Proposals

The design for LED lighting plays a vital role in attracting buyers and keeping your business booming. When you look at the LED downlight, LED ceiling light, and outdoor LED floodlight etc, they all seems to have the similar appearance. That was actually a huge misunderstanding. Indeed you will come with your unique product, and our experienced R&D team will spend time with you proposing some eye-catching designs.

4. Engineering Analysis

Developing OEM LED lighting product is a technical work and process that must attract the input of experienced engineers. We are not mostly interested in putting your design into a tangible product but making sure that you get the best selling product out there.

This explains why our engineers will spend some time analyzing your drawing before giving production green light. Some changes might happen to make your product better and attractive.

5. Quality Assurance

Besides other aspects, the quality of the LED lighting products determines whether customers value you as a reliable dealer or not. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have unmatched quality so that you can overcome industrial competition.

At Yufeng Lighting, we’re dedicated to product quality through our quality assurance department. We are ready to respond to various requests that are all geared towards enhancing the quality of the LED lighting products. We have a comprehensive inspection procedure that checks every step of the production process.

6. LED Product Prototyping

This is one of the essential stages in idea implementation. In OEM LED lighting production, you are the owner of the concept, but we put the idea into a tangible product. It is always good to evaluate product functionalities before commercial production. But you cannot do that with your drawing.

That is why we produce 3D prototypes before tool opening. We allow you to see and touch your product before commercial production. This helps you to make changes where necessary.

7. Different Production Equipment

Yufeng Lighting Limited is a company that is equipped with modern and different production equipment to handle varying production needs. A single equipment cannot be used to produce LED lighting products that have different designs, measurements, and measurements. Therefore, you need to leverage in our advanced production equipment, which have been installed in 3,000 square feet production plant and over 100 employees who are highly dedicated to handling your OEM LED lighting requirements.


CNC machine

8. Flexible Production

We have been in the LED lighting industry for an extended period, which means that we are conversant with all the trends in the industry.

We know that customers have mixed orders, which explains why we have made our production flexible so that we can be able to deal with all the needs of our customers.

Many customers trend to order different designs, sizes, and additional features in various LED lighting products. We can provide special support for this kind of small lot order.

9. Cost Management

Well, we’re not only interested in transforming your conceptual designs into tangible and functional products. We are in line to help you manage production costs. From a business perspective, we know the cost of production may affect the overall cost of your LED lighting products. We don’t want you to struggle to sell your products while at the same time facing extreme competition in the industry. That is why we check on where we can adjust or change to maximize the production of quality products at minimum costs.

If you are an OEM LED Lighting product supplier, Yufeng Lighting Limited is your ultimate production partner. We are a dedicated LED lighting company that is ready to meet all the needs of the LED lighting suppliers and customers. We are prepared to convert your conceptual designs and allow you to sell OEM lighting products bearing your brand name. Importantly, we strictly follow our principals, and we won’t sell or disclose your unique design to third parties.

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